Sedation Dentistry in Laredo, TX 

Have you experienced anxiety and nervousness related to visiting the dentist? At Ahh...Smile Family Dentistry, we're dedicated to catering to the needs of every patient. Whether you have dental anxiety, sensitivities to light and sound, or have special healthcare needs that make it difficult to receive dental treatment, our customized sedation dentistry services are designed to address your needs!

woman smiling after waking up from oral surgeryWe offer the top sedation dentistry services near Laredo, TX, and beyond, because Dr. Cavazos always delivers safe, customized services that are designed to meet each patient's unique needs and health history. If you need extra help staying relaxed throughout your visit, we'll be with you every step of the way to keep you comfortable with the safest sedation level for you!

Sedation Dentistry Services

Our local Laredo, TX dental office provides the following selection of sedation dentistry:

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, also known as inhalation sedation, is a form of light sedation and is typically offered to our youngest patients or patients who experience mild anxiety in the dental chair. Laughing gas is a colorless, odor-free gas that is administered through a comfortable breathing mask.

Dr. Cavazos always carefully controls the amount of gas to ensure maximum safety and comfort. With this form of sedation, you can expect to be fully relaxed while still fully awake and able to follow instructions.

IV Sedation

Ahh...Smile offers intravenous (IV) sedation, also referred to as sleep dentistry, to patients who experience extreme dental anxiety, have special healthcare needs, or for those who are set to undergo oral surgery or long treatment.

Under IV sedation, patients experience the effects of an anti-anxiety medication that is directly administered into the veins. Patients will not be fully put to sleep, but will experience relaxation and, in some cases, temporary memory loss. Dr. Cavazos will monitor and adjust the medication as needed throughout the appointment.

Questions About Our Sedation Dentistry Services?

We never want your dental experience to be stressful or scary! Give us a call at Ahh...Smile to learn more about how our sedation dentistry services can help you stay relaxed throughout your visit.

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