Dental Discount Plan in Laredo, TX 

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No insurance? Ask us about our membership club! At Ahh...Smile Family Dentistry, our membership club allows every patient to receive high-quality dental care at affordable prices. We want every patient to smile with confidence, knowing they've received the best dental care near Laredo, TX without breaking the bank!

Our team understands that budgeting for the entire family's dental care can be difficult. For our patients who are uninsured or need extra help covering the costs of their oral health care, we have created an in-house dental discount plan designed to make it easier to afford a long list of quality dental treatments. This is a private, in-house dental savings plan and it is NOT an insurance plan. Our membership club savings are only valid at our office.

man with white teeth smilingAhh...Smile Family Dentistry provides the following dental membership options:

  • Child Membership ($30.30/month)
  • Adult Membership ($35.30/month)
  • Perio Membership ($50.30/month)

For each membership, a $50 lifetime activation fee will be charged.

Our adult and child dental membership benefits include:

  • 2 dental cleanings (prophylaxis) per year
  • 1-2 dental exams per year
  • 1 emergency exam per year
  • 15% off dental treatments

For patients with periodontal disease, our periodontal membership club benefits include:

  • 3-4 periodontal maintenance cleanings per year
  • 1-2 dental exams per year
  • Radiographs as needed
  • 1 emergency exam per year
  • 15% off dental treatments

For your convenience, we also accept most major credit cards.

Have questions about financing your dental treatment? The membership club at Ahh...Smile Family Dentistry is designed to keep our quality dental services affordable for the entire family. Give our Laredo, TX dental office a call today to learn more!

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